Could you benefit from a Xero Health Check?


Are you a business owner processing your own accounting records? Are you involved in a larger organisation with an internal accounting department? Maybe you’re not sure if you’re getting the advice you need from your current accountant? …

It is happening more and more that business owners are taking charge of their own bookkeeping and accounting systems and we love to see it. Unfortunately without the relevant expertise and knowledge, business owners sometimes find themselves in a pickle with their accounting by either falling behind, not being compliant and quite often missing tax saving opportunities.

For those larger organisations that have internal accounting departments it can be difficult to keep up with the ever growing automations with reliance being placed on the trusty old systems that get the job done. This is fine but why not think outside the box?

Here at NealFord we are forever improving our own systems and knowledge and passing this knowledge onto our clients by attending events such as Digital Accountancy Show we expose ourselves to so many opportunities for our clients to improve and become more efficient enabling them to focus on the task at hand.

NealFord offer a Health Check Service for a one off fee which includes a review of your accounting software providing a feedback report of suggested improvements.


  • Ensure your businesses accounting systems are as efficient as possible tailored to your specific requirements
  • We provide a detailed list of suggested improvements to your accounting methods
  • Gain advice on where tax savings can be made
  • Peace of mind your work is correct and compliant with the relevant tax authorities
  • Free quote provided to correct any errors


  • You didn’t find NealFord a long time ago

If you’re questioning whether or not this service would benefit you, then it probably will. Get in touch with one of the team to discuss how we can help you.

29th September 2021